What is Noma about

Noma comes from the word ”NOMADE”, A group of people that move from place to place to create new experiences. Noma is about creating an experience starting from a small scale such as just a room to an entire space


Who are we

We are 2 girls from different ethnicities & backgrounds. With one mutual Passion & ambition. The mix of styles allow us to analyze & explore every single detail of your vision. We value every single detail and scale starting from the touch of a small material, to the look of an entire space.

As a team we have a strong idea of how interior spaces come together, from the architecture of a space to the furniture and soft furnishings that fill it. The color palette, materials choices and finishes are all equally important - each element is essential to creating one homogeneous look that is both resolved and innovative.

Our Goals 

Our main goal is to make you fall in love with your space. Developing your ideas to reach out to a team work accomplishment that meets your style & desires.  We believe that the best space is the one that reflects you.

Our Design Philosophy 

"Creating Not just a Design but an experience that tells your story"

How we do it 

At Noma design house we provide full interior design services customized around your needs and visions. From an interior refresh to a full house remodeling we collectively work with a team of developers , contractors , carpenters, suppliers to be able to craft your reflection.