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Bohemian interior design style

Boho chic interior 

How to create the style,

by Noma design house


The Bohemian interior design style has been everywhere in recent times, books have been published, retail stores stock it and TV makeover shows celebrate it. It is a truly popular style because it’s all about expressing your individuality in a fun and playful way. We want to capture that free spirit.

Here’s how:

The most important thing about the bohemian style: there are no rules to follow! Go crazy expressing your personality through decoration. Show off your collections of knick-knacks, travel finds, and flea market discoveries.

It’s a busy style, with textiles being layered on top of textile and bursts of color matched with pattern. Be bold, messy and adventurous! Animal hides, tribal and nomadic textiles are very popular. Himalayan salt lamps are popular too.

The unifying principle of the bohemian style is to create a laid back feel that you feel comfortable being yourself in.  So floor pillows and hanging chairs for comfort are a must!

The style main elements 

Express your personality

Layer textile on textile

Display your collection


          Match color with pattern


      Keep it laid back