August 31, 2019 - BY Admin

How to get creative with cushions

Cushions are the perfect accessory to make a statement and an easily updated space according to seasonal trends. They add so much softness and comfort, while reflecting your personal style.

Getting new cushions or covers is such an easy way to freshen up a room whenever you feel like a change, so if you want to make cushions work in your living room, here’s some advice.


There is an endless supply of beautiful cushions of all colors, patterns, textures and sizes, so many fall victim to over styling their sofa where cushions end up taking over. Remember to think practically; too many cushions will make it too hard to use your sofa.

On the flip side, many become too overwhelmed with the expansive choice and end up only with one or two cushions or leaving their sofa naked. Under styling will leave your room looking a little bland and like it’s missing something.

We recommend using from 3 to 6 cushions for a 3-seater sofa. Using 3 cushions creates a pared down look, 4 cushions help to create symmetry, while using 5 and 6 cushions creates a much fuller look with plenty of opportunity to showcase textural and size differences.


Cushions are helpful in pulling your interior style altogether and creating a cohesive look. So, you have to decide your colors based on the look you’re trying to create.

If you have a neutral color theme in your living room, select two or three bold colors, based on other items in the room, to inject a little depth into the space. 

If you’re dressing a formal space, you’re best to go for color tones that match or are more muted.


The modern approach to cushions is to mix your pattern and prints to add personality to the space, but be careful because you can go overboard. Select patterns that are in a similar scale and ones that complement the overall color palette. To help your cushion styling remain cohesive and avoid a headache, mix in a few plain, solid-color cushions to provide relief.


Cushions also don’t have to be the same size. If color and pattern isn’t your thing, mixing up the size or shape of your cushions and varying the tone can give your sofa the lift it needs.

Adding a round or rectangle cushion amongst squares in a relaxed, contemporary space can add just the touch of play you were looking for.

For more formal living rooms, cushions in all the one size can reinforce the elegant, sophisticated look. So, choose the shape and size of your cushion depending on the feel you want to create.


Instead of following a guide, take a relaxed approach and style your cushions in a way that feels right. Cushions can be placed in the corner, cover the entire couch or just a few in the middle.

Whatever you decide, try stick to an odd number and start with the larger cushions at the back, working the smaller ones to the front. 

Once you’ve mastered your cushion styling, all that’s left to do is sit back and relax!